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Workshop follow-up


Many thanks to all those who participated in the two day Politics and Matter Workshop last December in Bristol. It was great to introduce the Politics and Matter research cluster to an audience and think through some of our key concerns as a group with others broadly affiliated with the new materialist turn.



Some inspiring conversations were generated around the themes of ‘concepts’, ‘techniques’ and ‘ethics/aesthetics’ that queried, amongst many things, practices of writing and presenting research, the difficulties of practicing more-than-human methodologies, and the application of different theoretical perspectives. Throughout the workshop we were presented with the diverse ways in which people are using and exploring these themes and which indicate the breadth and magnitude of new materialisms in contemporary geography.


The discussions opened up a number of stimulating problematics that we plan to develop with some future collaborations. Watch this space…


Archiving OIL (as part of Museums at Night) – All Welcome

Experimental Geography in Practice

Please Join Neville Gabie and I on Thursday 16 May in the Geological Collections Stores at the University of Bristol where we will be ‘Archiving Oil’:

Neville Gabie: Archiving OIL (as part of Museums at Night)

Thursday 16 May, 6 pm -10 pm

Geology Collection Basement Stores

Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol


The Cabot Institute at the University of Bristol has created a structure through which researchers from all fields can contribute to inter-disciplinary dialogue and research under a common umbrella.

From the Cabot Institute, Artist in Residence Neville Gabie and Cultural Geographer Merle Patchett, invite you to join them in Archiving Oil as part of the University of Bristol’s Museums at Night event – ‘Alight – The unexpected in the dark’ in the Wills Memorial Building.

Of all substances what is more ubiquitous than oil. Fossil fuels, oil in particular, have entirely shaped our evolution since…

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Society in the Anthropocene Conference


On June 24th and 25th, the Cabot Institute at the University of Bristol is hosting a major international conference to discuss the role and value of social sciences for understanding the Anthropocene.

The conference brings socio-legal, political, sociological, anthropological and geographical perspectives to issues such as global environmental uncertainty, carbon politics, new patterns of urban resilience and global containment, and changing relationships between human and non-human worlds.   Our aim in hosting this conference is to generate innovative understandings of the Anthropocene and its emergent constellations of life and knowledge.

Confirmed speakers include Katherine Gibson, Tania Li, Erik Swyngedouw, and Andrew Barry and the conference is open to academics from a broad range of disciplines and all career stages. See for more details and ticket booking.

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