Gilbert Simondon – ‘The Technical Object as Such’

The philosopher Gilbert Simondon on ‘The Technical Object as Such’ taken from a longer documentary entitled ‘Entretien sur la mécanologie’ (1970)


6 thoughts on “Gilbert Simondon – ‘The Technical Object as Such’

  1. […] came to this thanks to the Politics and Matter research group (Geographical Science, University of Bristol) […]

  2. terenceblake says:

    I give a summarized translation of the whole set here: This translation is more deatailed than mine but it is less complete as it stops after 8 minutes, but there are some errors too. I will try to synthesize both into one block (as described in the interview for the wheel) over the next few days.

  3. […] I became aware of this video with English subtitles, published here, thanks to Sam Kinsley’s blog post. I transcribed the text and corrected some errors. Thanks […]

  4. terenceblake says:

    I have now transcribed and corrected the translation here:
    Thanks to the original translator.

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